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Jan Čihák:

The Trams and Trolleybusses of Sarajevo

Goods train with lomotive No. 1
Car 60
Washington car
articulated tramcar
C1 from Vienna

‘The Trams and Trolleybuses of Sarajevo’, written by Czech author, Jan Čihák, is the first comprehensive work to appear on the subject and fills a major gap in the literature on the history of European tramways.

This bi-lingual book describes in great detail all the phases of the development of the tramways and trolleybuses in the Bosnian capital. The story began in 1885 with the opening of a 760mm gauge horse tramway, which was electrified ten years later. This retained much of its original character until replaced by a standard-gauge system in 1960. Two decades later, as Sarajevo prepared for the 1984 Winter Olympics, trolleybuses were introduced.

‘The Trams and Trolleybuses of Sarajevo’ is published in English and German, a premier. The English translations of the text are by the well known railway authors, Dr Walter Rothschild and Keith Chester.

This 240-page book is profusely illustrated in both black and white and colour, and contains numerous maps and diagrams, as well as full statistical details on all of Sarajevo’s trams and trolleybuses. The recommended retail price is €34.90, plus postage and packing.

ISBN 978-3-9503304-2-7.

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